Introducing North Park

High Plains

North Park is a high, sparsely populated basin (approximately 8,800 feet (2,700 m) in elevation) in the Rocky Mountains in north central Colorado in the United States. It encompasses a wide valley in Jackson County rimmed by mountain ranges at the headwaters of the North Platte River and several smaller tributaries, including the Michigan River, Illinois River, and Canadian River. The valley receives its name from being the northernmost of the three large mountain valleys (or parks) in Colorado on the western side of the Front Range. The others are Middle Park and South Park respectively.

Mountain Ranges

The basin opens out northward into Wyoming, in the direction of flow of the North Platte. On the east side, it is rimmed by the Medicine Bow Mountains, the Never Summer Mountains and Rabbit Ears Range to the south, and the Park Range to the west. The continental divide rims the Park along the south and west. The valley along the Illinois River is the location of the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge. The largest community in the valley is Walden, the Jackson County seat, that sits near the middle of the valley near the confluence of the Michigan and Illinois rivers. Smaller communities in the valley include the unincorporated hamlets of Gould and Rand.


martin transformation photo

Martin and Rose

Martin and Rose came across North Park as part of their search for moose in North America. Not only did they find a rapidly growing collection of moose, but on their hikes they found a natural treasure of wildlife. One hike, they walked past a black bear snoozing under a nearby tree. On another, they walked upon a moose. Another, a coyote. Their fascination has led them to several return trips.

All of the wildlife photos displayed here were taken on their adventures to North Park.

martin transformation photo